Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yoho Yoho a Pirates Life is NOT for me!

Ahoy Matey! This weekend we set sail on a pirate ship with the significant others group at SGU. Emma was extremely excited about going on the ship since she has been asking to go on a boat since we got here. She has never been on a boat before and so I was a little worried about how she might react, but it seems she had a great time.  Immediatly upon boarding she asked for a pirate hat and gun. I on the other hand spent most of the time hiding in the lower deck near the bathroom. Yes people I still have my dignity; I refused to chum water with a few others up above and did my puking in private! I should have known that my stomach would not approve of the swaying ship.  At any rate I survived the excursion and was grateful the rest of my little family had fun. While aboard we dressed as pirates for pictures, drank juice, ate snacks, and shot cannons into the water. The ship also moored at flamingo bay so we could swing from ropes, walk the plank, or climb the ladder for a wavy but refreshing swim.


Lauren and Chase said...

How fun! HOwever, I too would have been downstairs with you! haha boats and my stomach don't agree! At least you look fabulous in the pictures!!! Miss you!!!

Matty and Jen-i said...

That seriously looks like a blast! Oh how I wish we could come visit! I was just showing Sammy your pic and he pointed at your faces and said, "Emmmma, Stevfie, Jedod"