Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What the....

Okay so last night we had a knee-slapping time laughing at our friends funny face they posted on their blog. I don't now if it was out of severe boredom or just plain silliness that we agreed to do this, but we thought we'd see if we could do better making the same face. Funny friends, you know who you are, let us know what you think. Any other brave souls want to join the competition? You have a few days and then we will be stalking your blogs. C'mon I dare you!

The Future Dr. Richards and his assistant nurse Stefani
How'd you like these 2 weirdos taking care of ya?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Emma!

Yesterday morning before church we had a few minutes for a quick photo shoot. Emma looked so cute in her sailor dress from Grandma Susan we had to make time for a few pictures! The cuteness however did not last long. Though she looks sweet and innocent in the pictures, she was a naughty girl yesterday at nap time. This week she has discovered that she can climb in and out of her big girl bed all by herself. During nap time I have to remove all toys from her room or she plays instead of sleeps. After church I did just that, removed her toys and then laid her in bed. Jer and I decided we'd take a nap too, while we had the chance. Shortly after falling asleep I was abruptly awakened by a loud knock, knock, knock. It was Emma knocking on her door yelling, "Mommy, Dadda." I opened the door to find that disaster had struck. Since she had no toys she decided to scoot her mini chair over to a shelf to reach things that aren't supposed to be touched without help. She had wipes, torn book pages, hair clips, diaper cream, nail clippers, hundreds of hair elastics, and many other miscellaneous items scattered all over her room. I was shocked that I didn't even hear her making such a mess. I thought she was sleeping soundly! All I could say was "Oh Emma" over and over again. Needless to say we will now be removing the chair during nap time as well. We're in real trouble when she figures out how to open the closet!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cupcakes for Breakfast

Last night some friends came by to help Jerod give Emma, who has been ill, a blessing and with them came cupcakes. Emma gleefully ate the frosting off of one and begged for another. I told her she could have more tomorrow. Well it's tomorrow and those cupcakes must have been on her mind all night. First thing this morning, right after crawling out of bed, she walked over to the kitchen counter and pointed, "tup take, tup take." I gave in to her request and let her eat cupcakes for breakfast! I couldn't resist taking this picture of her messy cupcake face. "Dank do Atee!" (translation-thank you Ashley)

Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Cry Baby

Today, I must admit, I am EXTREMELY homesick. While the Grenadians are enjoying the day off to celebrate their independence I'm stuck at home with a sick kid. Even though this Holiday has nothing to do with anything back at home I feel like I should be doing something fun with my family. Instead I'm here balling my eyes out. I'm crying because I want to be making homemade pizza and applesauce with my sisters. I'm crying because I don't feel like being a housewife today-doing laundry and dishes. I'm crying because I want Emma to be running around with her cousins instead of tearing the house apart. I'm crying because I want Jerod to stop studying and make me feel better. I'm crying because I want to have game night where I can stay up late and laugh hysterically at all of our crazy comments. I'm crying because I want to put on my sweats and take a nap under 5 layers of blankets in my parents freezing cold basement. Finally, I am crying because my landlords upstairs are having a very noisy party.

Okay so enough crying already! I'm slightly embarrassed to be bearing my soul to who knows who on my blog. I'm sure my friends here are laughing by now and thinking, "she'll get over it, I did!" But I share nothing but the truth and todays truths aren't so pleasant. Some days are just harder than others and today happens to be one of them. Reality is that this happens to be our home now and we do enjoy it most of the time! We did have a great weekend and actually got to spend some time on the beach with friends. Ahh, I feel better now to get it all out. Thank you for listening, well actually reading, whoever you are.