Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our October

As usual I've let a bit of time slip away so I apologize if this post becomes long and well, a bit boring. Hmmm, where to begin...Several weeks ago I wrote this entry and then just never got around to actually posting it, so you are getting the story late, but just for fun here is what I wrote...

As children many of us might of feared going to bed at night because we were certain there was a montser waiting under the bed or hiding in our closet. Well this fear became reality the other day when we found a monster hiding in the drapes. This monster happened to be a five inch centipede, INSIDE my house people! After finding said monster I grabbed Emma jumped up in a chair and demanded that Jerod get it out of my house! As Jer was chasing him around the living room with a strainer and cup (didn't want to spray everything we own with pesticide) Emma was gently patting my arm as we leaped from chair to chair saying, "Mommy, it's not scawy, it's not scawy!" I on the other hand was yelling, "just get him" and "tell me when it's over." Jerod was laughing and saying it's not like it's a venomous snake. To me, it might as well have been a grizzly bear because I was terrified.

I am usually rational when it comes to bugs. I am the one who calmly tells my friend Ashley to pull over and take a deep breath when we discover a golfball size spider on the windshield. I am also the one who still has the courage to run up the bug covered steps at night and unlock the door when Ash and I return home from our workout. However, let me tell you a little something about centipedes. They are poisonous, fast, and aggresive and knowing this makes me hate them! I would have much rather seen a 5 inch cockroach on my bed! I did however manage to relax enough to take this picture. Yesterday, and thankfully, the bug killer man and his team came to spray. Goodbye ants, cockroaches, wood beetles, millipedes, and most importantly centipedes. I know I live in the jungle but monster bugs and I are just not meant to coexist!

Okay now that I FINALLY have that story of my chest I can blog about the rest of October's adventures. First we were super excited that my mom, stepdad, and little brother came for a visit. Overall they loved the sea, disliked most of the food, and could not understand the narrow, crappy roads. My sentiment exactly! We had fun showing them around, getting to try a few new restraunts (with actual yummy food), and visiting a few sights we haven't seen yet. Hanging with them was a welcomed break from my normal island routine and I was happy to have them around, even if it was just for 1 week. Thanks for a great time Family! Here's a few pictures taken at Belmont Estates (they produce cocoa beans here).

My Brother and I "walking the chocolate"

Emma enjoying the cocoa tea (hot chocolate)

Eating Lunch at Belmont Estates. Nice face Tanner!
Also, at my request, Grandma Susan brought Emma a snorkel not believing she could actually use it. The smallest they make them are for 5 year olds afterall. Yes people, my 2 year old can snorkel! It scares me half to death but it is easy to hear her breathing through the tube.

After my fam left, Jer and I got to stay at an amazing resort called Mount Cinnamon for the weekend. A long awaited and late celebration of our anniversary. Thanks to Blair and Ashley for staying overnight with Emma! I think she had just as much fun as we did. Here is a  few pictures of the resort.

Picture of our suite

Emma showering in the rain shower. She thought this was so much fun!
Lastly, Halloween was very different this year, but fun nontheless. The grenadians do not celebrate Halloween however, the SO (significant others) Organization held what they called A "Fall Festival" the Friday before. The kids got to trick or treat on campus, play games, eat treats, jump in bouncy houses, and make Halloween crafts. Emma dressed as a bumble bee and was oh so cute! She didn't understand though, why if her costume had wings she couldn't really fly. When I first put it on her she started to cry and when I asked why she kept saying, "I wanted to fy, I wanted to fy!"

Trick or Treating on Campus. Emma looks a little concerned about what candy she will get!
Making a pumpkin mask with Vanessa

So that's about it, that was our October!  Happy belated Halloween everyone!!