Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Break in Grenada has Begun!

On Friday of last week Jerod took his last final for term one. Hooray and way to go Jer! Now he has 12 weeks of summer break to spend with us. Since the cost of airfare is so high we decided to stay in Grenada during this time off and look forward to all the fun things we get to do. Yesterday was spent at the U club pool with friends, many who have completed their first 2 years. We were sad to say goodbye but wish them the best of luck, and thank them for their friendship and also for all the stuff they gave us before leaving!

Some of us enjoying the pool ....

and the view.

Today we ate biscuits and gravy with friends for breakfast and then headed to Grand Etang National Park. There we hiked on a muddy and rocky path to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. When we arrived it was raining fiercely but that didn't stop our adventurous group from making it to the falls (we are in the rainforest at the beginning of rainy season after all). Emma was as happy as can be in her pack on Daddy's back. Here are some photos of our fun day.

Shelter from the Rain

Emma in her pack

Starting the hike. They have hiking sticks you can borrow to help prevent you from falling but according to our friend Blair you shouldn't feel bad if you fall, it's a pretty slippery and muddy trek, hehe!

We made it!

So amazing!

The guys hiked to the top to jump in. The water was freezing!

Feeding the monkeys bananas before heading home. Emma loved seeing these crazy monkeys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Noisy Neighbors, Barking Dogs, and Sleepless nights!

Neighbors, can't live with em' ...can't live without em'. I believe this statement has been reserved for men but for the sake of today's post I'll borrow it. Before I go any further I must make it perfectly clear that my landlords are incredibly nice people. They are always helpful, kind, and they keep to themselves. The only problem is that they live above us and I honestly don't know how they function day to day. I hear their TV on until midnight or later and then they are up again at 5:30 getting ready! I don't think for a second that they are loud on purpose. It's just the way the house is built, they could drop a pin upstairs and it would sound like it happened in our bedroom. Thus every opened door, closed dresser drawer, high-healed footstep, and squeaky facuet is heard. I am used to this. Jerod, who obviously is gone a lot, still is jumpy about it. Every time there is a strange noise upstairs he walks to the other room, "what happened?" I then sleepily assure him it was just something upstairs. Now this if all fine and good except that I have failed to mention their six yappy dogs who think they own the neighborhood. They are outside dogs, free to roam about. It is so hot during the day that they spend most of their time laying underneath my car or on the porch upstairs, but at night they come alive. Sometimes they bark until three in the morning and I swear they are standing right outside our bedroom window. Last night Jer swore he was going to ask my sister Jen (who is coming to visit next month-yay!) to bring us an airsoft gun. My response, "I'm pretty sure that falls under animal cruelty." What I didn't say was what I happened to be thinking, "maybe I can accidently run them over one day when they're asleep under my car." Okay, all kidding aside, I would feel more than terrible if this actually happened but sleep deprivation has caused me to think this way at 4am. I long to move but so far we have not found anything with the same price tag and amenities as we have here, and by amenities I mean air-conditioning in every room. Looks like we are in for another term of noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and sleepless nights! Oh, and Kensi... I love you dear but this still is not enough for us to want to move to the Flats!!

P.S. Emma's new favorite question is now "What Happened?"
P.P.S. The dog posted above is Emma's favorite, she really is sweet but at 3am..well you know what I'm thinking!