Monday, August 10, 2009

Seven Splendid Years

Yesterday we had dinner with my little brother Taylor who was in town for EFY. We were sharing past memories when he asked, "how long have you been married?" Jerod replied, "it will be 7 years this August."
He then turned to me and said, "isn't our anniversary tomorrow?" We laughed as we realized, that for the first time, we forgot our anniversary and didn't make plans to celebrate over the weekend.
So while today is a special day life goes on as usual. Jerod is working and I'm cleaning the house for company. Though as I scrub floors and dust furniture I'm recalling the past, remembering our wedding day, and reminiscing about the 7 splendid years that have seemingly gone by in the blink of an eye!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday was indeed a GREAT day. Aside from celebrating the ever important Utah Holiday known as Pioneer Day, Jerod found out that he was accepted to St. George's University Medical School in Grenada. This means a new way of living starting in January 2010! We are looking forward to the fun and challenging experiences we'll encounter during our 20 month stay on the island. I will be sure to update our blog more frequently while in Grenada!

Yesterday evening we took Emma to the Gateway Mall where she had a blast playing in the water with her cousin Maya. Emma will definitely love the beach. One of her favorite things to do is swim. Emma is now 15 months and is little miss independant. She absolutely loves playing with bouncy balls and has quite the collection. Her latest words include "golf ball" (she learned this from Daddy), and "bubble" (one thing she could not get enough of the day of her surgery-there were bubbles to blow in every waiting area).